I love presenting lectures and trunk shows to guilds, festivals, conventions and textile art groups. It is inspiring and exciting for me to get an audience response to my work after spending time alone in my studio, and to share my passion for quilting, beading, silk fusion, felting, collage, painting and dyeing with others who share my interest in textile art.

I offer a one hour trunk show showcasing an extensive variety of quilts and wall hangings, as I chronicle my journey from traditional quilter to contemporary textile artist. If the group is interested, I will bring my original hand-painted fabric and also dyed wool pieces to sell. I require 3-4 large, clean tables on which to lay out my work, and probably if the venue is large, a microphone is a good idea. This show is constantly evolving as I sell pieces, have work touring and create new quilts.

I also have a power point lecture called “Travels with Quilts”, which requires a screen and a room that will be dark.

From June 2016 - June 2017 my fees are: $500/workshop, $400/lecture and $.50/km mileage (subject to change, if gas prices increase). I live in Fergus, north of Guelph. You can check Google Maps to calculate my distance to the workshop venue from 640 Colquhoun St, Fergus ON, N1M 1S3. Multiply by 2 for the return trip, times $.50/km. If staying overnight and traveling far, I appreciate being lodged and assume the group will cover/supply all meals and travel costs. My diet is gluten free.

Here is a recent comment from a guild regarding my presentation:

"I wanted to sincerely thank you for one of the most enjoyable programs we’ve had this year. Your artwork is just gorgeous and your terrific sense of humour combined for an amazing, fun presentation. It was great having dinner with you as well. It would be the only meeting we’ve had this year that somebody has not left early."